Summer Reading

Dive into summer with fun summer reading activities! At the end of each school year, I create a summer reading packet to send home with students to encourage reading over the summer. The packet typically includes an activity for the student, some bookmarks, information about the public library’s programs, a letter to their parents about the importance of summer reading, and a reading log.

My summer reading log is available for FREE in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

My most popular activity for students has been my Summer Reading Bingo. The game encourages students to read in a variety of locations (in bed, in the car, outside), read a variety of texts (magazine, comic strip), and read to different people (an adult, a pet, a stuffed animal).

I encourage students to complete the activity and reading log and bring it back to school in the fall for a treat or prize. My treats vary based on my available budget but some ideas include:

  • Ice cream party (scoops/toppings earned by amount of books read)
  • Summer *Throwback* Party (Popsicles and outdoor games)
  • Movie in the Media Center (with popcorn if money is available – the local grocery store donated the popcorn for our party)
  • Coupon for $2.00 off from the book fair (I used scholastic dollars to cover the amount)
  • Create-Your-Own Bookmark Party (Laminated and hole punched with a ribbon)
  • Piece of Candy
  • Free book (I collected donations of books throughout the year so I was able to offer free books for a lot of events/rewards)

I’ve been very fortunate to make connections with both my local library and my local Barnes and Noble. I encourage you to reach out to your own library and local book stores if you haven’t already. They are just as invested in having students read over the summer as you are and are often the ones interacting with your students throughout the summer. I share information on the library’s summer reading programs in my packet and usually a bookmark that has the library’s hours and information. Barnes and Noble gives me a flyer for students that also has an activity for the students to complete. If the students bring the completed flyer back to the Barnes and Noble store, they earn a free book! These relationships are crucial to ensuring the students have the best chance at succeeding with summer reading!


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