Librarians and libraries are amazing!!!! But… unfortunately sometimes not everybody knows that or even understands what we do. If there was ever a time to toot your own horn, the time is now! Promote your services, brag on what you do, show the value of school libraries!

Promoting Flexible Schedule

If you have ever been lucky enough to be on a flexible schedule, you know the benefits of it on student learning and teacher collaboration. Most research points to flexible schedules in school media centers as beneficial to student outcomes. It’s amazing that most schools remain on fixed library schedules. I was in the position … Continue reading Promoting Flexible Schedule

Create a Library Newsletter

There are many ways to advertise what you do to teachers, administration, and parents. One of the best ways to show what you are doing and what is coming up on the radar is through a library newsletter. One of the first things I hear from other librarians when I say “create a newsletter!” is… … Continue reading Create a Library Newsletter