Promoting Library Services and Resources

Okay, so most people on this blog already know the importance of the library and the amazing things we can offer teachers. However, most teachers may not be aware of the services you can offer or even the resources you have available to students and staff. I’ve created flyers to advertise to teachers about the services the library can offer and created a list of library resources that I post on my library webpage and link to it in my google slides and google classrooms. I’ve edited the flyers to take out direct links to the resources to not violate and user agreements with databases; however I include all links and passwords directly in my document to students so they can easily access what they need to from home or school.

This next flyer is the one I mentioned that shows the library resources available to students. Both flyers were created with Piktochart. Piktochart is a great website for easy graphic design. They have a free limited account, but I suggest purchasing the license. They have educator pricing so you get a great discount and it unlocks a lot of cool features that you will be able to use to design cool flyers and advertisements to promote your library resources.